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Posted on Monday, August 22, 2016 12:12 PM

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Gua Sha facial.Sounds new but thousands of years old.If you watched the Olympics you probably saw the funny marks on the athletes. Cupping and Gua sha were the chosen treatments for health and vitality.Gua Sha on the face is much more gentle of course but just as effective and with treatment oils leaves skin silky and radient

Treats tired ,puffy eyes,fluid filled skin,dry skin acne and more..Energizes with ingredients such as Baobab Bulgarian ,rose, sandelwood,Edelweiss and so .What a treat and very affordable.Try something new .I believe you will stick with it at home with a personal home treatment kit at $25roff 

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New Dermarolling

Posted on Saturday, October 31, 2015 10:25 PM

WHY DERMAROLL - DO YOU WANT AFRESHER YOUTHFUL APPERANCE Then use this proven meth6 to improve scars,Fine lines,hyperpigmentation.and build collagen this plumps yourv skin.Rejuvenates Safe Treats specific concerns For realTransformation

Holiday Organic Sugar Plum Treatment

Anita's Beauty Mark: Posted on Monday, November 24, 2014 1:49 AM

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Tis the season for soft glowing skin,

Holiday berry enzymes and hydrating vanilla clove mask.

Fresh Marion berry, fig and pineapple gently exfoliate and load skin with firming, nourishing antioxidants.

The vanilla mask intensely hydrates parched winter skin.

Treatments include ultrasonic exfoliation and cleanse with enhancer microporation. See results immediately now only $55

New Dermafile

Shelly Hancock from Posted on Sunday, November 02, 2014 1:44 PM

Dermafile new at BeautyMark. Holistically smooths skin , builds collagen and removes brown spots.Fine diamonds on a wand are an effective treatment to get beautiful radiant skin! See utube videos for more information.Most treatments include the dermafile to get awesome results.

Treatment includes double cleanse ultrasonic exfoilaition deep cleanse, enzymes dermafile mask, serums cucumber mist special $65 Girls day 2/$70 bring a Friend

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