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Advanced SofTTap Training

The hand method for permanent cosmetic and medical tattoo

Do you have a gentle touch, a steady hand and an eye for artistry? Creative minds like yours could make fabulous SofTTap professionals. I am a certified SofTTap trainer and offer beginner classes, advanced training, crossover training (from other permanent makeup methods) and much more.Cover up scars to look like skin, re-pigment.Create realistic breasts.

Unlike most modern body art, the SofTTap Hand Method is done without the use of a machine.You rely on the complete control of your own hands.

If you are detailed, patient and have excellent control of your hands, inquire about Softtaps Training today.

Why learn Sotfttap (permanent cosmetics) hand method?

  • Maximum control
  • Gentle
  • Fast healing
  • Minimal touch ups
  • Most natural results

SofTTap is gentle and comfortable for you and your client.This gives you freedom to create the most natural look in permanent cosmetic make up.

Prices vary generally $650 per day

I will travel to a licensed facility

My facilities are I.D.P.H.licensed