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Beginner full Softtap  training

Class is approx. 80 hours

(lecture, hands on, d.v.d, books, live models, blood borne pathogen certificate curriculum) 

  • Health and safety to prepare you for your blood borne pathogen class
  • Skin anatomy and Facial Anatomy
  • Color Theory (Softtap training in colors)
  • Makeup Design/features
  • Softtap training equipment $985 value
  • Hands on supervised procedures with canvas then live models
  • Marketing and Consult information
  • Clinical photography
  • Marketing material (brochures)
  • Web page with your own address included
  • Full size instruction book and resources
  • Blood borne pathogens class and certificate
  • An after training mentoring program is offered to assure your success .Plus you will get a 10% discount on products thru my site.

COST $3900 includes

  • Softtap training Deluxe Kit-Hands on-Photos-Web site-Marketing materials-Apprenticeship plan and MORE!

What can I do with SOFTTAP Training?

  • Add Softtap to your spa or salon
  • Bring your skills to a plastic surgeon's office or hospital
  • Start your own business
  • Begin a new lucrative career
  • Change your life
  • Help others look and feel better about themselves

WHO can learn SOFTAP?

Almost Anyone can participate in Softtap training, however an excellent student will have:

  • a steady hand
  • a calm patient and caring personality
  • excellent organizational skills
  • an artistic eye(for shape and color)
  • a desire to help others



Softap feather fill. microblading training. $2500

Hairline stroke eyebrows. Looks like hair. 

The Softap training in Microblading class includes; 

  • Full size color & tool kit (30 brows)
  • Bloodborne pathogen certification
  • Web page Brow design
  • Face shape design selection
  • Symmetry, placement
  • Hairline stroke patterns Consultation & marketing
  • Aftercare lesson Expert advice from an experienced successful trainer
  • Marketing plan
  •  Hands on live models
  • Manual and machine METHOD
  • History
  • Color ther

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Feathered brow, soft fill brows and full brow training is basically as full class with focus on brows, you will receive a Softap certificate.

An apprenticeship plan is included to assure your success

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The Microblading class islimited to  one to two student class with live models.The apprenticeship program available after training sets my program apart . I offer this because when I started I trained all over the USA and paid each instructor large sums of money.It is so comforting to have a skilled person helping you as you start your new career.

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Advanced SOFTTAP training in camouflage, hairline restoration, breast repair scar revision and tattoo removal/fade.

must be experience. 

 Call for consult 708-705-0055


My best investment in myself with Anita's expert assistance and personal attention I am now in business for myself

-Faces by Margret Lanier

I am so thankful I chose Anita as I needed extra help and she gave me more than I expected and now feel confident doing my beautiful brows and lips . IN THE SKIN by Janet Dugan